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The main ingredients in detergents

By , April 3, 2010 10:03 am

Laundry ingredients are designed to work deep within the fibres of the clothes even at low temperatures, and generally contain the following ingredients.

Oxygen Bleach

Removes coloured stains as well as whitening stained laundry


These remove greasy stains from fabrics. They surround and lift the greasy stain and prevent it from falling back onto the clothes.

Washing in hard water is a more difficult environment for surfactants and prevent them from cleaning as efficiently. This is why detergents also contain a builder and why you need more detergent in hard water areas.
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Choosing the right form of laundry detergents

By , April 3, 2010 10:02 am

Independent testing experts have extensively tested the UK’s best-selling laundry detergents and concluded that Ariel detergents remove a range of common stains better than any of the products tested. In fact, of 435 stains tested, Ariel wins on 244, is equal on 184 and loses on only 7.

Today detergents range from good to outstanding performance. Premium brands contain more advanced, more effective cleaning technologies to give brilliant cleaning even at low temperatures.

Choosing the right form of laundry detergents and making sure you pick the right one for you.
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