Don’t bin your old appliance get it fixed

By , April 3, 2010 9:59 am

For all in West Sussex looking to reduce the impact on the environment and with the current financial situation that face us in 2010, how about adopting the theory from Worthing owners of Appliance Repairs of Fix ItDon’t Bin It.

Affordable Appliance Repairs don’t have a call out charge nor do they believe selling you parts you might not need, as a Worthing family run business with over 15 years experience, peace of mind is their key selling point.

What are the various possible causes of washing machine smell?

Should I let my washing machine be taken away for repairs?

Is it possible to introduce new faults while repairing or installing a washing machine?

What’s best way to pull a washing machine out?

Ask them a question, there may be simple answers!

Have your Washing Machine, Gas and Electric Ovens, Fridges repaired or perhaps you have a fault you can repair yourself and just need the parts?

Cooker Repairs

Fan Element

The element for the fan-oven function will be located behind the fan cover-plate at the rear of the oven compartment, mounted so that it surrounds the fan blade tips. You will have to remove the cover plate to check the element. The element is usually held in place with 2 screws in the top bracket, and one or more small clips with screws. The push-on wires may not always be free enough to pull forwards for removal and re-attachment onto the spade terminals, so the oven may have to be removed from its housing to manipulate these, its always best to call a specialist to do this for you.

Door Seals

Many silicone door seals start to sag and deteriorate after a few years, and this means that there will be wasted heat lost and problems with time a meal might be cooked for, this waste not only heats up your kitchen needlessly, but costs you money, for the price of a new seal please call Appliance Repairs for a price.

Grill Element

These usually just unclip from a holder, and then pull out from a ceramic socket. If you suspect that your grill element has failed you should be able to remove it, and test with a test meter, some elements fail in a very obvious and spectacular way so again check with appliance repairs for the cheapest solution.

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